Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How the animals cut fruit Karma dairy bull leg

How the animals cut fruit Karma dairy bull leg Transporting cattle lorry and a car have been seized Hakmana morning. Police said the suspects were arrested in that raid. Cattle truck and transported to a luxury car was arrested this morning Denagama Hakmana area. Lorry cattle raid took 9 people from the police said that the young calf the car. Two suspects were arrested with hand grenade raid occurred. The person involved in smuggling of cattle in the south 'baby' had a group of gang members has revealed alleged that the transport of the cattle. The person was cut two leg dairy bull tied Badulla Badulla town police arrested kaṇupælællē field. This was revealed to have tested him by police officers who were on patrol on suspicion of how the bag will keep the person around 4 am today.




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